Ann Haessel’s Artwork Featured by Montreal Clothing Company

The call came out of the blue. It was a complete surprise!

~ Ann Haessel (United’s Garrison Green resident)

Calgary artist Ann Haessel has been creating unique, colourful abstract art pieces since 1982. 

Her work includes hand embroidery, quilting, and a wide variety of mixed media consisting of layers of fabric, which are sewn, burned and embellished into the final pieces. 

Her work has been shown at exhibitions throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Artist Ann Haessel points out a feature of one of her art pieces

Now she is embarking on a new journey.

Le Galeriste in Montreal combines clothing with images by artists.

When they called Ann, wanting to incorporate her work into their clothing lines, it caught her by surprise.

She found a photographer, Darold Black, who sent the company photos of some of her work.

For every image submitted, they send back photos of 10 different items of clothing for her approval.

I don’t know why they chose me out of all the artists in Canada. It is a very nice boost at a time when COVID is causing so much concern. I’m glad they did, and it’s a good feeling to know my art is getting out there, and bringing people so much joy.

~ Ann Haessel (United’s Garrison Green resident)

The United Garrison Green community has attracted people from a wide range of backgrounds interested in its professional art studios, and promotes a lifestyle of  lifelong learning and creativity.

Ann’s new interest demonstrates how being part of a United community provides our residents with the opportunity to continue to pursue their passions, learn new things and connect with other like-minded individuals.

She has teamed up with Cindy Giesbrecht, also a fibre artist and the daughter of fellow Garrison Green residents Connie and Art Giesbrecht, and together they are preparing to do a joint exhibition next fall.

Ann Haessel modelling some of the clothing.

Ann’s work appears on scarves, dresses, T-shirts, tablecloths, even masks. “The masks have turned into a bestseller on their website,” said Ann.

“The association with this company is something new that keeps me interested in life.

I'm 78. I didn’t think I’d be embarking on a new business venture, but it’s so nice to enjoy a little more success as I age. I have been totally blessed by this.”

~ Ann Haessel (United’s Garrison Green resident)

The art piece, colourful life, that inspired them

Ann continues to hone her creative side, and plans to expand her art by using some of things she is learning in the art studio, and perhaps incorporating clay and other elements into her already fascinating art pieces.

You can see more of Ann’s artwork on her website:

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  • Garrison Green is the perfect residence for you if you love being creative, enjoy lifelong learning, and experiencing new things.
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Trudy Martin

...two steps below heaven.

Living at Garrison Green is like two steps below heaven. It really really is. Everything is provided.

- Trudy Martin | Resident

Sharyn Krause

We never separate couples based on their medical needs.

"We are completely satisfied that United Active Living will be providing for us as a couple. We can be independent if we like to. And we can have assistance if we like to. But we can go through it together."

- Sharyn & Landis Krause | Residents

Diane Osberg

...the level of lifelong learning experience

"When I saw the level of lifelong learning experience that United offered, it only took me a week to decide that this was a place I wanted to live."

- Diane Osberg | Resident

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